Nostalgia aside, winter can be testing. We need to contend with dropping temperatures, bank balance draining events, i.e. Christmas and the party season. With so much inevitably in the air over the chilly months we thought that we’d put together a top five list for saving money.


And, before going through this useful list check out this news update to see if you qualify for at least £140 off your winter bills – Warm Home Discount Scheme.

1. Look at your energy suppliers

This is the first of four tips that relate to energy. However, with energy now accounting for on average £1,264 per household it seems that it’s more important than ever to manage our energy levels and the prices that we’re paying. This should start with a review of your supplier through an energy price comparison website such as U-switch

2. Block your chimney and crack out the draught excluders

Your chimney and door cracks can prove to be frequently overlooked areas where energy sneaks right past you. So remember to block up your (unused) chimney and use draught excluders for at least your doors that lead directly to outside.

3. Consider insulation for your home

Research has shown that anything up to 35% of your energy can seep out through your walls; the average three bedroom home can waste up to £135 each and every year. For this reason you should be considering wall insulation, which costs between £100 and £350.

Similarly the loft can see anything up to a quarter of your heat escaping and with insulation costing between £100 and £350 and providing savings of up to £175 this, too, is an area that should be addressed.

4. Give your finances an overhaul

With our lives busier than ever it can become all too easy to let our finances run away with us. However, by reviewing all of our outgoings − from insurances to internet providers every 12 months − we can ensure that we really are getting the best deal for the services that we use.

A further factor to pay attention to are your direct debits, as these can frequently include outgoings for services no longer used.

5. Know whether you’re entitled to extra help over winter

You may be entitled to help from the Government if you meet certain criteria:

Winter Fuel Payments

If you, or anyone within your household, was born before 5 July 1952 and is in reception of a state pension, then you’ll be entitled to a £300 winter allowance.

Cold Weather Payments

Cold weather payments are payable to anyone who receives income support or jobseeker’s allowance. This payment of £25 every seven days is awarded for each day that the weather is recorded at either zero, or below.

6. Cooking up a storm

After energy, food is the second biggest expenditure that a household faces and a major money saving task can be found in the humble form of one-pot cooking dishes.

So cook up some slow cook fresh casseroles, bourguignons or stews; the benefits are two-fold – they’ll heat the home as you cook them, while providing a meal that can be frozen for future meals over the coming weeks.

Saving over winter isn’t always easy, our blog on how to break the spending habit could provide the tips you need to maximise your ability to save.

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