Selling your house with sitting tenants shouldn’t have to be a problem. There are several things you can do that will help make the sale of your house goes through smoothly.


We’ve purchased many properties across the UK that have had tenants in residence. Performed the right way the process of selling your house with sitting tenants can work for you, as opposed to becoming a hindrance.

We’ve compiled the list below that will go some way in arming you for when faced with this situation:

  • Initially, explain the situation and if you have a healthy relationship ask for their help.
  • Consider an incentive if they leave the house in good condition, possible an extra £100 when returning the deposit. This certainly should be considered if the tenant is not too happy with the situation.
  • Help your tenant move on, offer to pay for a removal van or compensate them for inconvenience of searching for a new house.
  • If your tenant or tenants are not happy about having to move and it’s a concern for you then consider the ‘cash for keys’ plan. This will prove a lot cheaper than having to go through a process of eviction.

The above tips are extreme actions to resort when it comes to the selling process with sitting tenants. Sometimes assuring tenants they’ll be given plenty of notice and not booted out of the property is enough to ensure that they cooperate and find another abode to move into when the time comes.

Assure your tenants they’ll be given plenty of notification before any viewings from potential buyers are shown around the property.

The same rule should be applied for surveyor inspections, or any visits from estate agent appraisers and other relevant property arms.

Speak to your tenant and ask what would make life easier for them whilst the house is on the market. If there are obvious signs of distress consider a gift voucher, or compensation payment for each house viewing.

The above tips will help get your tenants onside and this essential if you want them to keep the house in a good state. A tenant who is not happy could cause problems that may affect the sale, so it’s vital you plan your approach and don’t dismiss their needs or concerns. Try and see it from their point of view, they may have lived in the property for some time and now they have to allow strangers to traipse through their home. So, ensuring you get them onside will serve you well throughout the sale process.

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