You’ve decided to sell up, either to move or maybe to free up some equity in a property you don’t need. The likelihood is that before your property is ready to view, online or in person, you’re going to have to spruce it up a bit.

So then, evaluate the task ahead of you. Do you have household rubbish or unwanted furniture in your home? Or is it a much bigger job than that, one that requires specialist help?

Unless you’ve the time to do it yourself, you’ll need to find a house clearance service that will free up some storage or living space. Whether it’s a house or flat – no matter the size – a house clearance company can tackle all your problems. This will save you wondering from room to room praying for a sign from above to tell you where on earth to start.


Our advice would be to find a trustworthy local company, or one that operates nationwide such as Clearabee or the British Heart Foundation’s service.

What will a house clearing company do? Well, pretty much anything you need – most will remove everything from furniture and white goods to carpets and soft furnishings.

Their service doesn’t start and end inside, they’ll even clear out garages and gardens as well.

In some cases, the task at hand could be mountainous. For example, the property could have been vacant for years, left in a terrible state by tenants or squatters, or in probate cases when someone has passed away.

Whatever the conditions, a house clearance company will bag it up, deliver it to an alternate address, store it somewhere safe and dispose of the rubbish.

Removing the clutter from a home prior to moving can have a huge benefit when it comes to improving the look of a property. Even more so when it comes to taking the photos which prospective buyers will use to decide if they want to arrange a viewing or not. To find out more about getting your home ready for sale take a look at our blog post about the perils of underestimating good quality photos when selling your home.




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