Looking to sell your house before Christmas? You’ve got less than 40 days to go. That’s plenty if you’ve yet to give a second thought to buying presents, but could prove a problem if you’re planning to move home.


Did you know that the average time to secure a buyer is 65 days, depending on where you live? But don’t call off the search just yet. You have got the alternative option of turning to a company, like ours, that buy houses for cash.

You may only have five weeks full weeks until Christmas but that’s enough time for us to get you moving so you can settle in to a new place, ready to stuff the turkey.

There may be several reasons to sell your house before Christmas…

Perhaps you have a former buy-to-let investment or inherited property that you want to get freed-up before the end of the year?

Maybe you’ve experienced a chain collapse and need to secure a quick and guaranteed sale so you don’t miss out on the dream property you’ve found elsewhere?

Perhaps you’re struggling with the maintenance of your current property and want to downsize to somewhere smaller or a retirement property before the harsh winter months set in?

Or maybe you find yourself in financial difficulty and want to release some pressure by selling your property before the end of the year?

The season is notorious as being a bad time to sell. Because let’s be honest, most people have a million and one other things on their mind.

But if you’re looking to sell your house quickly, We Buy Any House takes away the hassle and time that often comes with a private sale. Better still our customers can have the money in their bank in as little as 14 working days.

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