You’ve made it! Or you’re very nearly at the age when you can start to think about how you’re going to enjoy your years of retirement…


Nationally, we’ve a problem with the amount of retired people living in properties that are really too big for them to manage. Some even argue that if this problem was addressed, it may go some way to solving Britain’s massive housing shortage issue.

If you’re in your early or mid-60s, it may be time to sell your house quickly and downsize to a smaller property.

Research commissioned by Retirement Move, an estate agent specialising in homes for older people, has revealed the ideal age to downsize is 64.

The survey of 1,000 people (aged 60 or older) found this is the time when people are still able to deal with the buying and selling of properties, and are physically fit enough to be able to handle the move.

Individual reasons for wanting to move vary, as you’d expect. One in five people asked said that their home feels empty, with so many rooms that aren’t in regular use. And seven in ten said they just wanted to relocate while they are still young enough to enjoy it.

Meanwhile a third plan to relocate to a smaller property that is closer to local amenities such as doctors and hospitals.

The benefit to downsizing, particularly at the right time, is that it can help you avoid years of struggling to manage a space larger than your needs, which can often lead to feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

Turning 60 isn’t the end of your life. It’s just the start! That’s what part of planning for retirement is all about…plotting new beginnings. Because dreams have no age limit.

Are you ready to downsize?

An increasing number of customers using our services to downsize to a smaller property; in fact over the last year 8% of our enquiries have come from people who want to downsize.

If you’re ready to move and want to do so quickly We Buy Any House might be able to help. To find out how get in touch.

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