It’s a well-worn cliché − a picture is worth a thousand words. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than when marketing a property – at a crucial point when you need them to tell the story of what your home is really worth…

But how exactly does the quality of the photography of your property impact your ability to sell it for the price you have set?

Professional photographs of your home

First impressions count. Always.

In days gone by, the average property brochure consisted of pages of stapled typescript with a printed photo of the exterior of the property glued to the front. Any opinions and, ultimately, decisions were saved for when viewing a property.

Here, in the digital age, these are just as likely made at the desktop, tablet or smartphone. They’re immediate and made in the blink of the eye. Because we’re constantly bombarded with information, attention spans have grown shorter than ever and we no longer have the desire to read and digest large volumes of data.

Instead, we place faith in small bundles of words and pictures on digital platforms and often make decisions online, even those as significant as which home we would like to buy.

When researching listed properties the first thing buyers search for online are the location, price and number of bedrooms. That stands to reason.

But consider the (simple for our sake) math – at this point they’ll often be presented with hundreds of search results from a range of property portals, all in a ‘snippet’ view including a sample of text and a couple of images. Let’s say people spent 30 seconds or so looking briefly at 250 results…that would still take over two hours!

You know that to carefully look at the description, all the pictures and the specifications takes a lot longer than 30 seconds. So first impressions are essential. And what is the motivating factor that makes online house hunters select which properties they will click beyond the summary for? You guessed it, more often than not, it will be the images.


Why should you hire a professional?

A good image creates a lasting impression and expresses value and desirability. You don’t just want them to market a house; you want them to market a lifestyle.

Capturing a great image is all about the right angles and lighting. Photographers worth their salt invest in professional-grade digital equipment, including a selection of interchangeable lenses, so they can obtain wide-angle interior views and quality exteriors and landscapes shots.

Modern digital cameras give photographers flexibility and control when under testing types of light conditions and, when coupled with the use of image processing packages, allow them to produce hi-resolution, sharp, colourful images. There’s an art to presenting an image.

Poor quality photography with standard lenses and relatively narrow angles of view will never capture the true size of a room. To explain this further, your eye naturally glances from side to side when you enter a room, so your perceived field of view is wider than your eye actually sees. A super-wide angle lens gives a more realistic impression of what it is like to walk into your home.

Every home has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s up to you to find them. A trained photographer can be creative with the view, but the camera only captures and presents what’s in front of the lens…which leads us to our next point.

It’s so important to take time to prepare the home; so that the images presented to the outside world do your home justice – because a quality camera in the hands of an experienced photographer can do many things, but it can’t work miracles and wash windows, wipe worktops, clean carpets, remove personal items or de-clutter under the bed. That’s down to you.

But the question you’re asking yourself is does great property photography really get you a better price when you’re selling your home? You bet it does! If people don’t click-through to view your property online, they can’t arrange a viewing – and the chances of selling your home have drastically reduced.

Competition increases your chances of driving up the price via a bidding-war. Therefore, the more people who arrange to view your property, the more likely you are to get a good price when you’re selling.


The best photos will sell your home – but remember it is all relative.

Of course you don’t want to overspend on photography in relation to the value of your home and the fees you’re already paying.

You’ll often find that estate agents will take run-of-the-mill photographs of the main rooms of the home, usually where the photographer/estate agent is stood in one corner of the room and shoots towards the opposing corner.

Taking a professional approach will mean you immediately catch the eye. A professional will make your property more appealing by offering different styles of shot that really consider all the important/unique elements of the room, such as spiral staircases or grand fireplaces, and then ensure that they convey the size of the property.

To end on a second cliché: you’ve got to speculate to accumulate. After all, you’re fighting the competition to sell the dream to someone else. If you’re to get the very best offer price for your property, the cost of great photography, by comparison, is nothing to what you could gain.

After you’ve got your photos there’s still a ways to go in selling your home. Our blog post – How to speed up your conveyancing explains how one of those processes doesn’t need to be a laborious process.

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