Selling your house frequently tops lists of most stressful things you will do in your life, alongside getting married, getting divorced and bereavement. Clearly it’s something you want over and done with once you’ve made your decision, you want to sell your house fast. But how long should you expect the whole process to take?

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According to some industry experts, the average length of time to sell your home is somewhere around 117 days (about four months), while the government sets the average lower at two to three months.

This isn’t the whole process from start to finish however; not only do you have to find the right estate agent and get your home on the market. They then need to market it and you need to accept an offer to begin finalising the sale. So these figures might in fact reflect the time it takes to complete a sale, not how fast you can sell your house.

The fact of the matter is that selling your home can be a lengthy process with unexpected causes of delay.

What’s the hold up?

  • Time of year – home sales tend to pick up and peak throughout the middle of the year – especially during summer. The delay could simply be due to timing.
  • Homes for sale in your area – there could be little demand for homes in the area you currently live in.
  • Condition of your home – if you know you’re selling a ‘fixer-upper’ this could cause a delay – not everyone is going to buy a house that needs a lot of work.
  • Location – the strength of the property market where you live could impact the time it takes to sell.
  • Price – you might have a perfectly agreeable home for sale, but you’ve set the price too high for your potential buyers, it might just sit there. Your estate agent should be able to advise on this, though be wary as some have been known to try and inflate prices too.

Selling a home can take time – it’s the biggest purchase people make in their lives, so requires consideration and investment. While you can’t control some of the delays, you can price your house attractively and competitively.

If you need to sell your property quickly and want to remove some of the hassle from the process take a look at how our service works. It’s also worth looking at this article about the ways you can sell your house faster.

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