When selling your home in Scotland, your potential buyer will have your property surveyed. While some elements of the surveying process are similar to that in England and Wales, there are differences.

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For example, houses for sale in Scotland have to be marketed with a pack of three documents, collectively called the Home Report. This includes:

  1. The Single Survey – a survey of the property
  2. The Energy Report – detailing the property’s energy efficiency rating, and how to improve it to save money
  3. Property Questionnaire – completed by the seller to inform potential buyers about the property

This article will focus on the Single Survey. Other useful information about the Energy Report and Property Questionnaire can be found on the Scottish Government’s web page, Home Report – Buying and Selling Homes in Scotland.


What is the Single Survey?

In England and Wales, homebuyers choose from three types of house surveys: a Condition Report (a basic overview), HomeBuyer’s Report (detailed) and a Building Survey (thorough).

Just one type of survey is available in Scotland, the Single Survey, which is a valuation and assessment of the property’s condition (which I’ll come back to later), and includes an accessibility audit.

The accessibility audit provides information to help people who have particular needs assess the suitability of a house. It’s aimed at parents with young children, older people and disabled people.

When conducting the audit, expect the surveyor to check the following for accessibility:

  • Which floor or floors is your living accommodation on?
  • Are there three steps or fewer to the main entrance of the property?
  • Is there a lift to the main entrance door of the property?
  • Are all doors openings greater than 750mm?
  • Is there a toilet on the same level as the living room and kitchen, and is one on the same level as the bedroom?
  • Are all rooms on the same level with no internal steps or stairs?
  • Is there unrestricted parking within 25m of an entrance door to the building?


While Scottish homebuyers can’t choose from different survey options, the Single Survey inspection is like the Condition Report and the Home Buyer’s Report combined; it’s a valuation and visual inspection from inside and outside the property.

The outside inspection is conducted at ground level. The surveyor will do things like check the roof and chimney from the garden.

So, while surveying the inside of your property, the surveyor will conduct the inspection:

  • Without causing damage to the building or its content
  • Without moving heavy furniture
  • Without moving stored items, insulation or lifting floor boards


Conveyancing for a quick house sale

Whether you’re selling your home in Scotland, England or Wales, surveying is a key element of conveyancing, which is the process of legally transferring home ownership of your property to the buyer.

It can be a lengthy process, but there are things you can do to speed it up for a quick house sale. To find out how, take a look at our blog post, Selling your house? How to speed up your conveyancing, or get in touch.


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