We all know that first impressions are everything when it comes to selling your house, but are you doing everything you could be doing to give your property ‘kerb appeal’?

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Summer 2016 in the UK has been a mixed bag of weather so far, with people heading outside to take advantage of every scrap of sunshine. We’re sure that when the skies are blue and cloud-free, those who are trying to sell their property should be making the most of every second of it because we make decisions based on feelings all the time, it’s simply human nature – and most people are upbeat in the heat.

Taking the time to consider how people “feel” is an important factor in attracting a buyer and closing a deal. Think of preparing a home as a series of challenges and obstacles – your aim is to present the idealised version of a home, while removing any distractions that might taint that image.

They say a home is more than just bricks and mortar, which is absolutely true. However the exterior of your property is just as important as the interior, even more so if you consider that the vast majority of buyers look at properties online before booking a viewing. If people can’t imagine wanting to walk through that front door, you simply won’t get those viewings. And, if you want to sell your house quickly, getting those viewers through the door is crucial.

So, what should you be doing to get your property noticed, and for the right reasons? Wait for a sunny day, then get out there and…

  • Re-paint exterior masonry, window frames and doors. It’s amazing the difference a fresh coat of paint can make to the appearance of your property. It can take years off its perceived age, and give a strong impression that the property is well-maintained inside too.
  • Clean out the guttering. You might not think that potential viewers will care about or even see the guttering. But a blocked gutter could be causing rain and muck to run down the walls of your house, making it look dirty and perhaps even causing more worrying damp problems, which will put people off buying.
  • Tidy up the garden. Start by removing the flotsam and jetsam, in terms of garden furniture and accessories, as well as pruning overgrown plants and clearing out areas of dead shrubbery. Mow the lawn and generally ensure that your garden is neat and tidy. The aim is to really show off the space available and make it easy for viewers to imagine themselves using and enjoying it.
  • Sort out driveways, paths and parking spaces. This could be achieved simply by blasting everything with a pressure washer (which is always fun!) to bring it up lovely and clean, or you could need to lay new paving or at the very least re-point what’s already there. The entrance to your property must be welcoming and inviting, but also practical (i.e. a parking space should be easy to access).
  • Clean the windows. Sparkling windows not only make a house look attractive and well-cared-for, but they also let lots more natural light in.
  • Dress up outside areas. If you don’t actually have much in the way of greenery or garden furniture, the exterior of your property could end up looking a little stark and unfriendly. In this case, you can work wonders in terms of kerb appeal by adding potted plants, hanging baskets and a few other decorative touches. Don’t forget to put out patio furniture if you have a patio, and you can even set the table to help viewers picture themselves enjoying the sun and socialising with their friends in the space.

Each and every one of these tasks can vastly improve the first impression your property makes, both in pictures and in person. So, the next sunny day that comes along, get out there and give your property some much-needed TLC – and don’t forget to take those all-important photographs on a sunny day too.


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