We’re coming to the end of summer, and with it a seasonally great time to sell. So here are some things that you should know if you want to sell your house quickly, if that’s what you prefer.

Family viewing potential new home

Sell first, then buy.

Generally speaking, it’s smarter to sell before you buy— so you don’t have to carry two mortgages at once.

You also want to bear in mind potential banana skins ahead; the last thing you really want to do is try to buy a new house on the condition that you have to sell your old place first to complete a deal. If you’re up against other bidders, you’ll be sent straight to the back of the line.

If you are a first-time seller or relatively uninformed about the property market, a good one-stop shop for advice is the HomeOwners Alliance website.


If you want to sell your house quickly, make a great first impression.

If people can’t imagine wanting to walk through that front door, you simply won’t get those viewings. And, if you want to sell your house quickly, getting those viewers through the door is crucial.

So how you market your property is crucial, don’t simply list it and hope for the best. Good quality photographs, detailed and persuasive property descriptions, and perfect floor plans are all a necessity—because, these days, buyers have huge expectations.

You wouldn’t go on a first date looking scruffy, so apply the same attention to detail before presenting your house to potential buyers.

We delve more into this in our earlier blog post ‘How the good weather can help you make a great first impression’.


Set yourself a target

It’s a common belief that you’re more likely to sell your house quickly in spring or summer because families like to be settled before the new school year begins.

So be clear in your own mind when it comes to setting a deadline for achieving a sale.

What you have to consider is that if your property is listed for months on end without attracting a buyer, interested parties grow suspicious and naturally think that there must be something wrong with your house or the location. Which in turn can devalue your home.


Be proactive, it will speed up the process

The very final hurdle that sellers tend to overlook is conveyancing – the legal process of transferring home ownership between seller and buyer.

Don’t leave it until you have found a buyer. Our advice is that as soon as you’re ready to put your house on the market, appoint a solicitor to get things moving.

We have some great advice about the ins and outs of conveyancing that will ensure you’re not left frustrated when the finish line is in sight.


If you’ve already tried all of the above without success, give webuyanyhouse.co.uk a call and we’ll see if we can help or offer you some advice. No strings attached.

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