The ending of relationships and moving house are recognised as two of the most stressful situations to go through, and in the case of divorce they can occur at the same time.

As each partner of a separated couple will probably want to move on, and won’t want to continue to live together for a prolonged period, selling the house quickly becomes a priority.

The positives of a fast house sale are obvious – it will allow you both to settle your debts and plan a new start, possibly using any remaining equity as the deposit on a new home.

We’ve put together a checklist that will help you get your head around what needs to be done, and in what order.



1. Get ready

  • Make repairs, ruthlessly clean, decorate and accessorise or ‘stage’ your home.
  • Don’t forget how it looks from the outside – first impressions count.
  • You also might use this time to negotiate ownership of joint purchases like DVD box sets, books and furniture.
  • Get rid of anything that neither of you wants to take with you – sell it on eBay, advertise it on Freecycle or donate it to a local charity shop.


2. Get valued

  • We recommend getting at least two estate agents to value your property.
  • Bear in mind that estate agents have a vested interest in giving you a higher sale price.
  • If you want to sell your house fast, make sure your property price is competitive and realistic enough to attract the right attention.
  • Be realistic for your own needs too – you might want to sell your house as quickly as possible, but also consider how equity much you need from the house sale.

3. Make decisions

  • Now you have a quote, sit down together, assess joint debts, agree on solutions and start to plan your future finances. This will be more complicated if you have children – see below for links to experts who can help.
  • Select the estate agent who will market your home. They will prepare the marketing literature and take the photos that will be used to sell your house. You will need to approve these.
  • Take a few minutes to read this advice about speeding up your conveyancing in order to sell your house fast.
  • With a realistic picture of your finances and your house on the market, this means you can start planning where you will live after your property is sold. This might happen quickly, so be prepared.


Additional help when separating from your partner

The government has published a comprehensive guide about divorce, from separation to your decree absolute. It includes a useful guide to property and separation, including a calculator, which might help you and your partner reach agreements without engaging a solicitor or going to court.

National Family Mediation aims to help separating or divorcing couples do so without conflict, including issues over children’s living arrangements, property and joint finances.

If you need practical advice about selling your home quickly after a separation, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Divorce is one of the most common reasons people come to – our hands-on approach cuts down time-wasting viewings and the stress of legal paperwork, from the moment you ask us to value your property to when you complete the sale.

To learn more about some of the process involved in selling your home following a divorce visit our blog post about what to do with your home or get in touch.


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