06, June, 2023

How to decorate your house to sell (on a budget)

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How can I decorate my house on a budget?
1. Declutter
2. Refresh the walls
3. Fix any outstanding issues
4. Clean
5. Update the furnishings
6. Light it well
7. Arrange the furniture

Whether your property is already on the market or not, we have key tips on how to decorate your home to sell. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget, most of what we are going to recommend is cheap and easy to do.

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1. Declutter

This one requires your time and emotional detachment. Take it a room at a time and decide what you must keep and get rid of what you don’t. Moving house is the best time to declutter so you have less things and are more organised when you move into your new house.

Doing this will add space to your house, so when potential buyers come to view the property they will be more likely to envisage themselves living in the house rather than being distracted by your clutter.

2. Refresh your walls

…and doors, and skirting boards. A fresh lick of paint can really brighten up your house and make all the difference with first impressions. Try to stick to neutral colours; white is recommended on the walls, as this will lighten up your rooms and create a feeling of a space.

3. Fix outstanding problems

This can be as simple as replacing any lightbulbs that don’t work, but it’s always good to fix any problems now before they get worse and impact a sale. Check that all radiators/heaters are working, outside lights, built-in appliances, boiler etc all need looking over to ensure there are no issues.
Checking everything yourself means that you can be confident in the condition of the property when speaking to any potential buyers.

4. Clean

This seems like an obvious one, however, it’s surprising how often sellers don’t properly clean their home before putting it on the market. The key thing to deep clean is your oven. It’s an appliance that you use almost every day but can often get overlooked in your weekly cleaning spree. It’s also a must to clean any carpets (ideally professionally), as well as any curtains, sofas, windows, worktops, floors, doors and of course your bathroom!

5. Update your furnishings

Before you panic, we are not talking expensive. Matalan and Primark have reasonably priced home ranges that can really freshen up the look and feel of your house. Swap your bathroom towels for plain white ones and have them displayed neatly when viewings are taking place. Refresh your living area with a pop of colour by placing new plump cushions on your sofas. Buy some fake flowers and place them in the centre of a dining table or a windowsill.
By replacing just a few key pieces in your different rooms, you’ll notice how inviting it makes your house, making it attractive to potential buyers.

6. Lighting

Probably the thing that gets overlooked the most but has the biggest impact; lighting in a property can really change the whole look of each room. Adding an uplighter in your hallway, bedside lamps in your bedrooms, and opening the curtains in your living room will add a different dimension to each room and show the potential buyer it’s potential.

7. Arrangement of furniture

This is probably one of the easiest things you can change. Your house now will be arranged how it suits your needs best, but to show your house’s true potential a little shuffle might be needed. Take a look at your living room, for example- is there a better place for the coffee table that creates more space? Can the sofa be pushed further back to the wall to give more of a walkway? These small changes can expand the size of the room to your buyer’s eye.

With just a few small changes to your house, it can become a buyer’s dream. It will also make your house more liveable for you before the big move. Remember, you don’t need to do all the points listed above, but just by making a couple of changes you will notice a difference, and your house will feel more homely and inviting.

If you’ve made these changes but are still struggling to sell, contact We Buy Any House. We can provide you with a free quote on your property and see how we can help your sales process move along.

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