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The best-kept secrets to a great removals team

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A successful removals team does more than simply shift furniture and boxes. They’ll be using their ‘softer skills’ to tune into the range of difficult emotions that can surround a house move to enable your day to stay as stress-free as possible. Here’s how:

1. There to help you through the process

A successful removals company such as Macro Removals in Bristol understands all too well that a move can feel overwhelming, especially as you’ve work and kids to think about as well. By looking after every detail, it means you don’t have to.

You’re usually just trying to survive the week so thinking how best to position the sofa to get it out through the front door, or finding time to dismantle the bunk beds, can give you sleepless nights. What about those boxes of junk in the loft you need to take to the tip? When will you find time to do that as well?

An experienced removals team understands your pressures inside out and knows just what to do. After all, they’ve completed hundreds of moves already.

Walking you through each stage of the move, from the home survey to what happens on the big day itself, is essential in helping you manage your stress.

By breaking the moving process down into bitesize, manageable chunks and focusing on each, one stage at a time, helps the move feel less daunting – so you’re less overwhelmed.

And if you’re buying your new property, the team will explain the move is no different from the others it’s done before. Your one important job is to call the solicitors to check you’re on schedule to complete, leaving the other big job – the move – in the team’s capable hands.

2. Make your moving day as smooth as possible

An experienced removals team understands the importance of minimising your disruption so by putting effective processes in place, you’re able to settle into your new home in no time at all.

The day’s goal is clear: to move your belongings from one property to another but getting through the morning and afternoon with no nasty surprises or broken items doesn’t happen on its own.

On moving day, your team will check which of your items are fragile or of high value, assuring you they have your concerns at heart when they load the vans.

The team will explain if any item is likely to take longer than planned to move, for example, unexpectedly having to dismantle a piece of furniture can add time. Having the awareness to always keep you informed will help to keep your stress levels down.

And the team will also let you know if it spots previously damaged furniture. Telling you at the time, rather than at the destination address, is essential in preventing any nasty surprises occurring – and helps you focus on the bigger picture of settling in.

3. Help to reduce moving stress

A good team understands excellent communication is a key factor in managing stress – so it will keep in constant communication with you leading up to your big day to reassure you and resolve any concerns you may have.

Greer Glover of Macro Removals said “Communication will involve explaining to you the removals process, from the home survey to what arrangements will look like on removal day. This is essential in building your trust and demonstrating to you it understands any anxiety you may feel.”

Naturally, Covid-19 concerns are in the forefront of everyone’s minds so the team will explain the company policy, including the PPE measures in place, to keep you, and themselves, safe.

If you call and have to leave a message, a team member will always call you back as soon as it can, or respond to emails within a few hours – so you’re never sitting at home worrying unnecessarily.

And encouraging you to ask questions, however small or silly they may sound, tells you that the team is here to help – and that you’re in very capable hands.

4. Handle your things with care

An experienced removals team understands your anxiety over wanting to keep your belongings safe and so they always treat your possessions with the utmost respect.

There’s an unwritten rule that an excellent removals team will treat your belongings better than their own! It’s certainly true when they’re handling boxes that have been taped up, which make it impossible to know what’s inside.

Not only that, there’s the fundamental nature of respect. You’ve invited a removals team into your home and it’s only right that they treat everything you own with due consideration, from family heirlooms to items you’ve worked so hard to afford.

And at the end of the day, it’s the team’s reputation at stake as well. A good team knows that they’re only as good as their last job. With service review sites like Removal Reviews giving clients an opportunity to say what they think, it makes sense for a removals team to extend its excellent reputation to each and every job.

5. Smiles all round

A successful removals team understands the value of a positive mindset. A ‘can do’ approach gives you the confidence the job will get done – and, crucially, on time.

A team that’s full of banter and jokes as it loads your furniture and boxes on and off a van isn’t trying to waste time. After all, who wants to prolong an already long day? What you’ll be hearing is a happy team that’s working together. A team acting in unison is more productive and is more likely to go that extra mile.

And we all know that positivity is a great motivator on a day that starts early and ends late. You may feel that the day’s task is insurmountable but if you have a team that’s motivated by a ‘can do’ attitude, you’ve a recipe for success.

A positive mindset creates energy, and energy is at the heart of every removals job.  Not only is there the will to get the job done but the effect is you’ll be less stressed – in fact you could almost say you’re relaxed!

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