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How should I stage my house for viewings?

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How should I stage my house for viewings?
It’s important that you stage your house to look its best when you are selling your property. When people come to view your home, they need to be able to envisage themselves livng there; so keep it spacious and light.

One of the most important aspects of selling a house is hosting your viewings. This is the time to show you potential buyers all of the fantastic elements that your house has to offer and let them fall in love with it the same way you did when you bought it originally. But how can you maximise the time you have on these viewings and let your potential buyers walk away ready to submit their offer? We Buy Any House have put together some of our top tips for you to host the best possible viewings.

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How should I stage my house?

You want to try and balance your house, making it look cosy and inviting without coming across as cluttered. Your viewers need to see the house in its best light and imagine their future living there. With that in mind, here are some great ways to make your house look the best it can –

  • Do a sweep of each room and make sure anything that doesn’t belong out is put away. In the kitchen, put away any dishes or paperwork. In bedrooms, make beds and put away any clothes. Anything considered clutter should go in a drawer to leave clean surfaces.
  • Change out any towels in the bathroom for clean, unused ones. Change beds, too – the smell of freshly washed bedding will fill the air as well as looking much smarter.
  • If it’s a chilly day, have the heating on. A warm house is much more welcoming than a cold one, and the cold can put viewers off very easily.
  • Open all the curtains and allow as much natural light in as you can. Even the most stunning house will look somewhat miserable and dreary in the wrong light. Allowing sunlight into a room will light it up and make it look bigger and cleaner, which will give your viewers the best impression that they can get.
  • If you have pets, it’s best to have them out the way for the viewing. Some viewers could have an allergy, or not be an animal lover, and you don’t want this to put them off your house. Using air fresheners will hide the scent of any pets that you might have – or a great trick that estate agents will use is putting some vanilla or orange essence in the oven on a low heat for half an hour before your viewers arrive. It fills the air with an almost bakery scent, and is incredibly warming and welcoming!

What should I do when I’m showing my house?

Showing your house can feel like a difficult job, especially if you’re not really sure what you should focus on or how best to interact without being too eager. Some estate agents will be able to host your viewings for you, but if for whatever reason you’re hosting your own viewings, we’ve gathered some helpful ideas that can help you throw the best viewing possible and encourage your viewers to become buyers.

Be flexible.

Every family works to a different schedule, and you may find that your viewers only have specific times that aren’t considered standard to view your house. Try to be as accommodating as you can for this – just offering viewings during evenings and weekends doesn’t work for everyone, so you may need to be prepared to do morning viewings to fit into your viewer’s schedules, as well as maybe a little later in the evening. Communicate with your viewers, and you’ll be able to find a time that suits you both.

Start with the best room.

Every house has a room that outdoes the rest of them. Whether it be a spacious, modern kitchen or a stunningly designed bathroom, there will always be a room that stands out more than any in the house. This should be where you start your viewing to show the absolute best part of your house for your viewers so it will stay in their mind when they reconsider the viewings that they’ve been in. If there are any stand-out features to the house – an extension, for example, or a recently fitted kitchen – make sure to spend time focussing on these and bring them to their attention. Your viewing is your time to really sell your house to them, so take the time to highlight all of the best features.

Know what you’re talking about.

It might be your house, but it’s always best to fact check. Think about what you asked when you bought the house, and have those answers ready for your viewers. Know the council tax band, the EPC rating, the local parking restrictions. These could be a make or break for your viewers, and you don’t want to risk giving them false information. Check all of your dates for any work you’ve had done so you can give them the correct time frames.

We’ve also outlined a few things that you will want to avoid ensuring your viewing is as positive and beneficial as it can be.

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Don’t rush your viewers.

Let them take their time looking around your house, and answer any questions in as much detail as you can. Buying a house is a huge commitment, and it’s important that they feel comfortable enough to go forward. If you hurry them around the property and don’t give the best answers to what they want to know, they’re likely to have some doubts. They will also probably be viewing other houses and may decide to buy elsewhere if the viewing was smoother and more comfortable. Think about how you’d want a viewing to go, and try to mirror that.

Don’t lie.

If your house has any problems, it’s tempting to gloss over them, but this is a terrible idea. Be upfront and honest about any issues as they may be uncovered in a survey down the line and result in your buyer dropping out. You want to build a relationship with your viewer and give them everything they need to make a decision. Lying will damage that relationship and more often than not lose you a sale.

Overall, your viewings for your house are hugely important, and you should take steps to present your house in the best light possible. Doing these should help you with your viewings and secure your sale. If you’re finding that even with these tips you’re still strugglingget in contact with us today. We can get you a free offer and will buy properties in any condition, giving you more flexibility and allowing you to sell your house fast in as little as seven days.

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