06, June, 2023

Can I progress with my delayed move now the lockdown has changed

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Can I move house now the lockdown rules have changed?
With the changes implemented from the last speech from the Prime Minister, the lockdown rules have changed somewhat, allowing more freedom in everyday life. Moving house is doable, but you need to take the correct measures to keep everyone involved safe.

After the updated message from the Prime Minister, our day to day life is starting to change. Being able to be outside for an unlimited amount of time, and interact with another person while keeping to the social distancing measures, we’re taking the first small steps back to normality. But where does that leave homeowners who were in the process of selling their house as the lockdown started, and is it safe to continue? We Buy Any House answer your questions here.

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Can I move house?

According to the Gov.uk site, moving house was still an option to those who could not delay the process when the lockdown came into place, but homeowners were encouraged to push back their moving dates wherever possible. The new update is that you are able to move house, as long as you are aware of following the social distancing measures in place to keep everyone involved in the process safe. This means keeping a distance of at least two metres from anyone outside of your household in the move – such as a moving service, for example.

Can I start to view other houses?

Previously, all physical viewings for properties were stopped, and agencies adapted by creating an option of virtual viewings for potential buyers to see a house. This allowed people to see a house without coming into any risk, and gave them a good sense of the property. With the new changes, viewings are going to start changing. This will rely on a few things, however. Everyone involved will have to be happy with the viewing going ahead, so you may find that not all properties are open to viewings just yet. Some businesses are still hosting the first viewing virtually, to ensure that potential buyers are genuinely keen to go through with the purchase and not put anyone at unnecessary risk. If you’ve seen a house that you’re interested in buying, the best thing to do is to ask the estate agent selling the house. Their policies will differ from company to company, so it’s worth asking what they’re currently offering.

How can I make moving as safe as possible?

There are several precautions that you can take to shield yourself in your move and keep yourself safe. Making sure that you obey the social distancing measures, and stay away from anyone outside of your household, wash your hands regularly and take extra care in cleaning surfaces. Staying aware throughout the process is the key – being focussed and not losing concentration of the task at hand will reduce your risk and keep you safe during your move.

If you’re not sure that this is going to be possible in your move for whatever reason, it may be best to delay the move until the lockdown restrictions ease again. This will depend on your circumstances – you may be flexible in your moving, and be able to postpone this. Not everyone is as lucky as this and may find that delaying further is not an option. This can be for several reasons; whether it be for financial reasons, the buyer of your house is no longer able to delay their move, or if you’re looking to relocate for work you may not be able to push your starting date any longer if you’re unable to work from home.

Can I move if I’m self-isolating?

If you’re currently shielding or self-isolating, moving house may be harder for you. Equally, if you have to move and can no longer put it off, you can still move house while taking steps to keep yourself safe. It’s worth taking some time to see if you’re able to delay your move and try to come to an agreement with the other people in your chain. There’s a good chance that they’ll be willing to wait until the lockdown is over as well, which will give you more time to plan your move safely and not have to be as wary of the risks.

I have to move now; can I sell my house fast?

Moving house is often a rocky process, and can be very quickly disrupted by any manner of things. This can often result in your timeframes changing, and even with the current lockdown rules, you may find that you’re not able to delay the move. If this is the case, you might struggle to find a buyer for your house if you don’t already have one, or they may not be able to keep up with the timeframe that you’re working to, leaving you in an awkward position. That’s where we come in.

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