06, June, 2023

How are house viewings turning virtual?

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How are house viewings turning virtual?
With the use of video calling and virtual techology, you’re still able to view houses and sell yours while staying safe.

With the stay-at-home measures that are now in place, the process of viewing houses is having to completely evolve in a very short space of time. Trying to buy or sell a house has adapted to the climate, and here at We Buy Any House we’ve done everything we can to create a new way to buy your house quickly and easily while still maintaining the social distancing measures to ensure everyone that is involved stays safe.

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Are physical viewings still an option?

Physical viewings are becoming harder to organise in a safe manner, which is why lots of estate agents and property companies like ourselves have created their own way to conduct virtual viewings. For the vast majority of people who are staying and working at home, they are still able to view almost any property anywhere from the comfort of their house, allowing them to stay safe without losing the opportunity to view.

A 3D virtual viewing London-based company, Matterport, have seen their demand increase hugely across the previous two weeks as estate agents across the country rework their processes to allow for virtual viewings. There are several ways in which these virtual viewings can be held, and each estate agent or property company is likely to have their own method. Some are using this 3D virtual viewing technology to give you an experience similar to Google Maps street view, allowing you to ‘walk’ around the property and see each angle. This provides a good idea of size, but can sometimes be hard to focus on certain angles. Another popular method to host these viewings that’s being utilised is to create YouTube videos around the property. This allows you to see the property as the camera holder walks around and shows you the entire property as if you were viewing it with them.

How do We Buy Any House do it?

These methods are both great ways to get a first look at a property. Still, they somewhat lack the interactive aspect that many potential buyers will want when viewing a house. It also means that for sellers, they cannot highlight the key selling points of their property, which may not always be completely obvious on camera. That’s why we’ve created our own way to give the best virtual experience while keeping as many of the features of regular viewings in place.

We are using Join Me, which can be used on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop that has a camera and microphone. You’re able to log on to the Join Me site at join.me/videosurvey1 and enter your name at a time agreed between you and one of our surveyors. This will give you time to speak directly to the surveyor, show them around your property and highlight any important information that they need to know. Two hours before your appointment, we ask that you send some photos of your property, along with some documents and, where possible, measurements of each room to the surveyor.

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What else do I need to know about a virtual viewing with We Buy Any House?

For this process, we ask you to be as honest as possible about any potential issues with your house. If there are some cosmetic cracks or signs of damp, we are still happy to continue with the purchase. We take on properties in all conditions, so being as upfront as you can if your house does have any issues will mean the process is much smoother. Our surveyors will ask you to show them around the property so they can see each room and be able to confirm a price for your house.

Can I still sell my house to you with the pandemic?

Although there is no denying that the economy as a whole has been affected by the coronavirus outbreak, the property market has not been affected as much as it could have been. Currently, the activity levels on the market are only slightly below what would be expected for this time of year, so now is still a good time to consider selling. There is the risk that later down the line; this could change and that the property market could start to suffer. That means that if you were considering selling your house this year, now is the time to begin the process as it could prove more difficult later on in the year.

Will you buy my house from the virtual viewing alone?

From our virtual viewing, we’re able to get a good idea of your property and how much it’s worth. We will still need to see the house- but only once. Mostly when buying a house, viewers will want to see the house several times over the process to make sure that they have all the information they need and that they are happy to go ahead. As we’re cash buyers, we don’t need to make several visits to your property before we commit to buying. We can arrange one viewing and obey all social distancing measures to ensure your safety throughout the process. After this, we can complete your sale in as little as seven days!
We’re doing everything that we can to help you through this difficult time. If you’ve been wanting to sell your house whether it be to recently inheriting a property, looking to downsize or relocate, or to ease some financial difficulties, we’re here. Get in contact today for your free offer and see how we can help you secure your sale.

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