06, June, 2023

Challenges of selling your house

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What are the challenges of selling my house?
1. Local market conditions
2. Property condition
3. In need of decluttering
4. Estate agent isn’t putting the effort in
5. A decline in active buyers.

Deciding to sell your house can be difficult in itself, but actually selling your house is often extremely challenging for most people. Whether it’s your first time selling or you’ve moved property countless times, there are a number of challenges that can affect how smoothly the process goes. Below is a number of things to consider that can have an impact when selling.

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1. Local Market Conditions

Regardless of how much you bought your house for, it is important that you look at the current local market conditions as they can have a huge impact on how much your property is worth today. Compare properties that are similar to yours and see how much they are selling for. If they have been on the market for longer than 6 months it is good to remember that this will mean it has been overpriced.

It is also good to take a look at how much the houses in your area have previously sold for over the years. Have these prices increased? Declined? By what percentage? Identifying key trends allows you to price your house right.

2. Property Condition

Is your home in need of an update but you’ve put it off because you knew you wanted to move property? Is the kitchen or bathroom more than 5 years old? Does your garden need tidying up? There are a variety of conditions without your house that can have a massive impact on how easily you sell your home.

Consider making some improvements before advertising your home, so it is attractive to potential buyers. Buyers can easily be put off by the smallest of things that can be quickly changed. We also have a few tips to keep your unoccupied property in top condition too.

3. Declutter your house to sell

This brings us on to the main point – Declutter. It is vital when you want to sell that you prepare your house for potential buyers but also makes it easier for you to pack up when you have to leave.

Start with a room or bookshelf that you rarely use. Get an empty moving box, and start to go through your things. The things you want to keep put neatly in the box, the rest leave out to organise later. Once you have filled the box, label it and stack in a corner ready to do the process again with the rest of your things.

Go back to the stuff that you don’t want. Can you throw any rubbish away? Are there things you’d rather sell to make some extra cash? Is the rest worthy of giving to a local charity? Once you get into doing the process you will not only declutter your belongings ready to move into your new home, you’ll also have started packing what you want to take with you saving yourself time (and stress) when you are ready to move.

Tip: Be ruthless when decluttering. Think about who can get more use of your things than you.

4. Your estate agent isn’t working hard enough to sell

Working with an estate agent to sell your home can make the process easier for you. They will advertise your house and take potential buyers on viewings of the property and negotiate with the buyers on things like price. However, some estate agents aren’t as efficient as others. You may find that the images that they have taken of your property don’t showcase your home in the best light. The house isn’t described well online, missing key selling features. Or maybe they aren’t communicating with you as often as you thought to keep you updated.

You’re putting the sale of your property in the hands of someone else and they aren’t directly affected if they sell your house or not. In recent years, home-owners are choosing not to use estate agents to sell their house, so make sure you contact them regularly and ask them for updates wherever possible.

5. A decline in active buyers

Over the past few years, we have seen a decline in young buyers being able to secure mortgages due to strict lending controls, issues with affordability, and a lack of secure employment. This has meant that a large part of the buying market is having to remain living in rented accommodation unable to get onto the property ladder.
Due to this, there has been a decline in active buyers making it harder for people to sell their property.
The above points are just a few of a number of challenges that can impact the selling of your home. Now you’re aware of these potential problems it is important that you do your research to make sure that they don’t impact you from securing your dream house.

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