06, June, 2023

How to prepare your house for potential buyers

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How can I get my house ready for viewings?
1. Remove personal items
2. Address any minor issues
3. Organise outside
4. Clean the carpets
5. Clean the windows
6. Remove any clutter
7. Dust the ceilings
8. Remove signs of pets
9. Update the kitchen/bathroom if needed.

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Selling your home can be a daunting process, especially as for the most part it’s a waiting game.
However, there is one thing that you’re in control of – preparing your home for potential buyers.

Our experts at We Buy Any House have shared their top tips below to help potential buyers leave your home with a great first impression (and hopefully make an offer!).

1. Remove personal items

This might seem a little unusual, but it really does help make a sale. Potential buyers need to envisage themselves living in the property and they often struggle to do so with your family photos scattered all over the house. Start packing up sentimental items, then take the things you don’t want to keep to your local charity.

2. Address minor issues

It makes sense to fix small issues that, although seem unimportant to you, can have a massive impact on how buyers view your home. If they spot a number of small issues that need fixing, like broken doors, discoloured walls, cracked tiles etc, it can instantly put potential buyers off.

TOP TIP: It’s worth getting a friend or family member to come over and point out things they notice that need to be addressed. A fresh pair of eyes can make a difference between a sale or no sale.

3. Organise the exterior

The outside of your house is the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up at your door. Make sure you freshen the look to showcase it in the best possible light. Mow the lawn, cut the hedges, repaint the front door, re-do your flower beds, fix the gate. Just by focusing on a few little things, it can make all the difference on first impressions, and can also attract interest from passers-by.

4. Clean the carpets

We advise hiring professionals in to clean all carpets and floors in your home. Having dirty flooring can really put off potential buyers, so it’s worth the money. It will immediately brighten up your house and make it smell fresher, ready to sell your home!

5. Wash the windows

Dirty windows are also a no-no when it comes to potential buyers. Is there a local window cleaner you can have come every 2 weeks to make sure your windows are kept clean? It will save a lot of time on your part and give you peace of mind that it’s being done regularly.

6. Remove any clutter

Over the years, you can easily find that you’ve collected a lot of clutter that needs to be removed from your home. And now’s the time to do it! Start with areas such as the fireplace, windowsills and kitchen worktops and remove all of which you don’t want to keep. The things you can’t bear to part with, store in a clearly labelled box, and packed ready for when you move. Get rid of all unused bottles and bathroom products, consider creative bathroom storage options such as bathroom shelving or mirrored bathroom cabinets from Roper Rhodes.

7. Dust the ceilings

When was the last time that you dusted the hard to reach places in your home? Although it can be difficult, it is important that you dust these areas before having any viewings.

8. Pet? What pet?

When selling your home it is extremely important that you remove as much trace a possible of any pets. There is nothing worse than walking into a home that has a strong animal odour, pet hair all over the furniture and muddy footprints all over the kitchen floor. Make sure you make your home as ‘pet free’ as possible so that potential buyers question if you have a pet at all.

9. Revamp your kitchen

Before you panic, we don’t advise you spend all your budget on a brand spanking new kitchen. We do, however, suggest that you update your cupboard doors if your kitchen is over 5 years old. Whether that’s changing the current cupboard doors completely, repainting them a clean neutral colour or updating the handles to give it a more modern look to attract potential buyers, your kitchen will instantly improve.

By following these tips you’ll be making your home more attractive to potential buyers which will encourage a quick sale. Our experts have seen over the years the impact these small changes have made to the time in which a property sells, so stay focused and prepare your home for potential buyers.

If you’re still struggling to sell, or need a quick sale, contact We Buy Any House today.

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