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Viewing tips when buying a house in a new area

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What should I think about when buying a house in a new area?
1. What you need from your house and surrounding areas
2. What you can afford
3. Choosing between city and country
4. Commuting for work and family
5. Research the area properly
6. Focus on why you’re moving and make sure you have everything you need and want from this move.

If you’re looking to relocate, knowing what to look out for when you move is a big part of ensuring you have a great experience. Whether you’re moving for work, family, or just in need of a fresh start, We Buy Any House have looked into buying in a new area, and what you should do before committing.

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1. What do you need?

Make a list of everything you need from your new area. Do you have a car, or will you be relying on public transport? Is the commute manageable from your workplace? If you have children, is there a school local? Before you even start viewing houses, you want to make sure you know exactly what you need from the area to make things smoother. The last thing you want is to find your dream house then find out that the area makes it completely impossible for you. To make this easier, you can break it down into needs and wants for your list – look through your ‘wants’ and see which you might have a bit of flexibility on. You can then use this as an outline and make sure that you only view houses that are within half a mile of a train station and walking distance from a school.

2. What can you afford?

Looking at different locations to move to, means that you may find that house prices can differ hugely. If you currently live in the North West, for example, and want to move to the South East for work, you’ll find that you may struggle to buy the same size house as you owned in the North. Be aware of this, as it may cause you issues if you’ve already committed to relocating but aren’t able to afford it. If you’re relocating for work, you should speak to your employer and see what support they can offer you, as it’s likely they will contribute to the moving process. As well as this, look into the cost of living in the area and make sure that you will be able to live comfortably on your income. Moving to a more expensive area can be difficult, but not impossible when you plan effectively and do as much research as you can.

3. City living or countryside comfort?

Moving from one to the other can be a real shock to the system for any homeowner, so you should take some time and decide what will be best for you and your future. Often, your job will have a big impact on this decision – you will always want to make sure that you live in good proximity from your workplace. However, if you’re happy to have a longer commute, you can still find ways to live in an area that feels more homely to you. Generally, those who have spent a long time living in the city choose to stay living in a city, as it’s often more convenient. However, some homeowners decide to move out of the city and into the countryside for more peace and quiet, and those living in the countryside may move to the city to experience a different environment. You will need to decide which suits you best, and which location will benefit your life more.

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4. Is it close to home?

If you’re relocating to be closer to family, then you’re likely going to be much closer than you were beforehand to your family members. However, if you’re moving for another reason, you might want to take into consideration how far away you’re moving from your family and how easy it is to visit when you want to. This is one of the reasons public transport can be so important to those moving- you can be within walking distance of your work, but if you can’t get to a train station, this could cause issues if you want to be able to travel to other areas.

5. Know the area

One of the biggest risks of moving to a new area is not knowing what it’s like. Wherever possible, you should visit where you’re looking to move and spend a few days there getting to know the place. Is it a noisy area, do you feel safe walking around after dark? These are vital factors that you should consider before committing to moving to a new area. When relocating, you don’t often have the luxury of knowing the ins and outs of a different place, so looking into it as much as possible will help you avoid living somewhere you don’t feel safe. Speak to locals, ask friends and family that might know the area, and research online. Looking at local crime statistics can reveal a lot about different areas, and can offer you some peace of mind.

6. Why are you moving?

Generally, you’ll be relocating for a reason, so focus on that when you’re thinking about where to move to. If you’re moving for a job, look at areas close to your new workplace and speak to your employer about areas that they would recommend. If you’re moving to be close to family, make sure you’re within a few miles of them and can easily get to them, whether it be driving or via public transport. If you’re simply looking for a change of scenery and don’t have any specific ties, then consider what’s most important to you. If you’re a very social person, look at what the local options are for you to embrace that. If you want peace and quiet, turn away from the major cities and look at countryside locations that are more suited to you.

When it comes to relocating, you need to make sure you do plenty of research to make sure you’re going to be happy and make sure you know exactly what you need from your new area. If you’re looking to relocate now and need to sell your house, then get in touch with us today. We Buy Any House can get you a free cash offer, and show you how we can buy your house in as little as 7 days, leaving you free to start your new life.

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