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How much does it cost to relocate?

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How much does it cost to relocate?

You will need to take into consideration several costs, such as –
1. Stamp Duty
2. Property Surveyors
3. Conveyancing
4. Valuations
5. Estate Agents Fees
6. EPC’s.

If you’re looking to move, one of the biggest questions that you should be considering is how much does it cost to relocate. No matter why you’re relocating, whether it be for retirement, family, or work, there are always costs in moving house. We Buy Any House break these costs down a little so you can see where the money is being spent and how you can try to save on them.

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What are the costs of buying?

There are several costs of buying a house, but the main ones are –

These costs tend to be unavoidable unless you’re a first-time buyer, in which case you aren’t liable to pay stamp duty on any property under £300,000. While property surveys can seem like a nuisance, they can save you some real damage in the long run, and so are worth the upfront costs. Some surveys can reveal structural damages in the property, which could cost you thousands if you discovered them after purchase, so factoring in a survey to your costs is essential.

Conveyancing can also get quite pricey, but there are a few ways for you to work around this. If you’re buying a property and selling one at the same time, you can look into using the same conveyancer for both the sale and the buy. Some conveyancers will offer a package deal using them for both which can save you some money, but you may not always be able to secure this. If you choose to sell your house to us at We Buy Any House, we take care of all of your legal fees, so you don’t have to worry about paying for conveyancing.

What are the costs of selling?

There are various costs associated with selling a house, such as –

Estate agent fees can build up quickly, and often not achieve the sale in the period that you’re expecting. In this case, online agents will usually charge you more to increase advertising, which can mean that you’re paying more to stay on the market for a prolonged amount of time. When you sell your property, estate agent fees can be anything from 3-5% of your sale price, which is another cost that you need to factor in. You can take advertising your sale into your own hands to reduce cost, but it can be time-consuming, especially if you’ve never done it before.

What about moving?

Moving costs aren’t as hefty as selling or buying, but should still be factored into your move, especially if you’re relocating across the country or even abroad. The standard moving costs are:

  • Removal van and men
  • Postal redirection

An essential aspect of relocating that you need to keep in mind is where you’re moving to. If you’re currently living in the South of England, and are relocating to the North, you’re in a very different position than if it was the other way around. Relocating in the North-West of England costs, on average, £8,190, but relocating in the South East is, on average, £22,200.

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How can I make moving cheaper?

If you’re moving for work, you may be offered help and support with the move financially. If this is the case, you should make the most of it, especially in the South. Any money that you can save is ideal and allows you to use the money elsewhere.

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