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Does double glazing add value to a house?

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Are you considering selling your house and looking to increase its value? Or is it already on the market and not getting the response you hoped for? If you answered yes to either of these, double glazing could well be one extra way to improve value and increase the chances of selling.

No matter whether you plan to stay in the house, rent it out, or sell it off, it’s always best to tweak its appearance to make it more appealing.

From renovating the bathroom to remodelling the kitchen, improvements here and there can make a significant impact to its value. Installing double glazing is a similar investment that not only improves house aesthetics but also improves other aspects of the house that we’ll cover in this article. Read on to find out how.

What is double glazing?

Double glazing is a type of insulated window or door with two glass panes divided by air or gas. Double glazing adds an appealing look to the new windows alongside making them energy efficient and soundproof. The investment for this upgrade is always worth it since it has long-term benefits and serves many purposes at once.

How does double glazing work?

You must be wondering how double glazing actually works and what makes it so special? Believe it or not it’s becoming an increasingly essential part for every homeowner. Below is the science of how they do this:

Double glazed windows are designed with two panes of glass bonded together with a filling of argon gas in between. Being dense, this gas compound is a poor heat conductor hence works as an insulator with the ability to maintain the internal temperature of the house. The parameter around the pane is made of insulating plastic preventing heat loss while keeping two glasses spaced apart. Due to closely tightened and an extra pane of glass, these windows also promise a noise-proof environment. Aren’t all these properties worth replacing old windows?

How does double glazing add value to your home?

There are a number of benefits that come along with this investment. To name a few, double glazing is energy efficient, helps reduce noise, and provides increased safety to your home.

Energy Efficiency

If you doubt making an investment for double glazing installation, you might need to reconsider comparing to the benefits it has to offer. Double pane windows have the ability to keep your house warm in winters and cool in summers.

With the thermal performance of double glazing, during summer, instead of having more heat penetrate the inside of your home, the glass keeps the cool in and the heat out. And the same goes for the winter season, giving you a balanced comfort year round.

This all ultimately creates an impact on your energy bills through acoustic insulation and is then reflected in the energy rating your property is assigned.

An energy rating of A – C is considered very energy efficient and therefore much more desirable to prospective buyers, which of course is then reflected in an increase in the price you can be looking for. This also works in the opposite way as well, with lower energy ratings impacting the price in a negative way.

Noise Reduction

With new double glazed windows, you may experience a peaceful environment with less or almost no sound from outside. If you live in a crowded area or bustling city, this is something you should be concerned about. It’s time to get a peaceful sleep without any disturbances from the outside world.


Double glazing also increases your home’s safety. Because of it’s toughness, outside intrusion can become very difficult. It adds a layer of defence to your windows and with strong locks, you can increase your home’s safety even more.

This toughened glass paired with steel bolts and excluder devices creates a safe and secure indoor environment.

Reduced Condensation

Windows being commonplace for mildew and mould build up, need to be taken special care of. Double glazing reduces moisture from converting into liquid hence controlling condensation on new windows. Fewer condensation results in less or no bacterial mould creating a healthy living space for your living.

Safe furnishing

Because double glazing keeps the heat from entering your place, furniture and paint have fewer chances of being exposed to direct sunlight. This adds to your property’s protection from damage. Just with the help of some windows, your house will no longer require regular renovation.

Exquisite look

Double glazing puts you in a win-win situation. It not only protects you from seasonal changes, it also adds elegance to your place. With all the problems your old windows had, your kerb appeal will eventually push you to improve. Different colours, designs, and styles allow you to choose from a variety  of options to match your house’s aesthetics.

What is a better alternative to old UPVC windows?

UPVC windows are outdated. They have been so for quite some time now. With plain plastic windows or single glazing, rain water can rush in, causing wear and tear while also causing damage to the walls and interior. This can really have a big impact on your house’s safety and also make your home unattractive to buyers.

Single glazed windows are poor performers when it comes to insulation. They are neither energy-efficient nor noise proof, which is essential to a modern designed home.

Double glazed new windows is relatively a new technology and it’s advantages make it simply worth spending on. It also adds to the value of your home.

Is it worth upgrading to double glazed windows?

People looking for new homes now are more inclined to buying one with glazed windows than buying one without. Old windows with single glazing come at the cost of broken seals, draughts, and no security. However, homes with double glazing not only add to style but also decrease the energy bills and creates a safer space, and are therefore a cost buyers will often factor in when looking to purchase a new home.

If you’re renovating your property to sell, it would be best to invest in double glazing to replace your current windows as it’s been found to increase the price of your house by up to 10%!

Double glazing is often a long-term investment as it can keep your house safe and sound for more than 20 years, and with government funded double glazing grants they can also be very affordable meaning added value to your home and an attractive extra for potential buyers if and when you come to sell.

Houses with double glazing installed windows add to buyers’ sense of security that they are investing their money in the right place because it attracts buyers with specifications of energy efficiency, weatherproof, and elegant look.

After reading this article, hopefully, you’re convinced of the importance of double glazing. Double glazing adds to the overall aesthetics of your home, saves energy and is an extra selling point to potential buyers meaning you achieve a higher selling price and potentially a quicker sale than you would have otherwise.

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