06, June, 2023

House Prices Across the Country: What is the Outlook Over the Coming Years?

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After a year full of ups and downs, uncertainty and economic turmoil as well as rising inflation, it would be an understatement to say that the housing market has been turbulent. The pandemic has really changed and massively impacted the market in many ways, however, we are now starting to see signs of it going back to its pre-pandemic normal.  

In order to make forecasts for the future, we must first review the key trends and insights from the previous year. The beginning of it started strong, supported by low interest rates and high demand from buyers, however the second half of the year saw an inevitable slowdown, record high house prices and interest rates, soaring inflation and cost of living crisis. According to Property Today, everytime after such rapid growth in prices, a slump in the market is expected so it’s understandable why both buyers and sellers have become incredibly cautious in their decisions.

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