06, June, 2023

How to make the most of your garden space

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The garden is a space within many homes that is definitely underestimated. You’ll probably be most used to waiting for the summer months to venture out into the garden when you may be lucky enough to get a spot of sunshine. Believe it or not, gardens have a lot more to offer throughout the year and we are going to let you know how to make the most of your garden space.

Why limit BBQ’s and alfresco dining to just a couple of months? Gardens can easily be enjoyed all year round, you just need to know what to kit it out with. Whether your garden is big or small, there is always something that can be done for it to be in use 365 days of the year.

Here is how to make the most of your garden space!

1. Outdoor dining area – Dinner with a view all within the comfort of your home.

Dining in an outdoor space is something the vast majority look forward to from May up until September.  Bring outdoor dining to your garden with a wooden garden structure. Stay in your comfy clothes, make your favourite cuisine and embrace the great outdoors (your garden).

Wooden gazebos add character to the garden and beautifully house any outdoor seating areas or even a hot tub. Create an atmosphere to suit your family and lifestyle. Make the garden glow at night with some outdoor lighting. To brighten the space for day time use add colourful plant pots or hanging baskets. Not only does this add vibrancy but a lovely floral scent!

2. Expand living space – Short on space inside, venture out into the garden!

Life plans take many turns, from working from the office to at home in a spare bedroom to having children and starting a new family. These are all milestones/changes that will take up space whether that is upstairs or downstairs in your home. Here is where you can make the most of the garden space.

Log cabins are timber garden buildings that can be used as an extension to your home. With all the internal rooms to your home being occupied, adventure outdoors with a garden room that can turn into a number of things:

  • Cosy Garden Snug – Life can be hectic and extremely busy so create an escape room to unwind.
  • Garden Office – Working from home can be a struggle with distractions and no work-life balance.
  • Pub Shed – Bring entertainment to the garden and enjoy a drink or two with a cabin dedicated to what you and the family love to do the most – have fun!

These are just a handful of suggestions, but the world is your oyster. Garden rooms come in different shapes and sizes so anyone with a small garden can gain this additional space too.

3. Storage hub – A boring, yet practical use.

There can never be enough storage space, especially if you are a bit of a hoarder and never want to throw anything away. Use the garden to store belongings that don’t need to be accessed everyday but you have no intention of throwing away. Garden sheds make the perfect outdoor building to keep items safe and protected.

How to make the most of your garden – touches for tiny gardens

Small gardens have a large amount of potential, it is just about knowing how to use the space. Here at 5 suggestions on how to make the most of your garden with only a small amount of space.

1. Hang furniture and plants

Free floor space by hanging furniture and plants as this will create an illusion that there is more room. Hanging chairs are eye-catching in design and provide lovely seating to enjoy in the garden. The way the chair floats above ground gives clear ground space too.

2. Split the garden up

Small narrow gardens can be split into sections to offer multiple uses. Place a mini garden room at the bottom of the garden and create a walkway to it. Make that the main focal point, and then add a small seating area at the front of it with bits of greenery or a water feature.

3. Bright colours

With a limited amount of space you want to make it as bright and airy as possible. Use vibrant colours on the wall features, plants or garden furniture.

4. Wall mounting serving stations

Enjoy alfresco dining out in the garden with wall mounted serving stations for food and drinks. These stations can close in when not in use giving more space when hosting an event.

5. Wall mirrors

Place outdoor wall mirrors as this will reflect and make the overall space look larger than it actually is. Empty walls will make the garden feel enclosed so adding greenery up the walls does not only add colour but a lovely aroma.


Let the garden be the next home renovation project on your list, whether that is for your current property or a new home, as there are so many wonderful uses of it.



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