06, June, 2023

How to Sell Your House Fast

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How can I sell my house fast?
1. A direct purchase
2. An assisted sale
3. Source a buyer.

Perhaps you’ve suffered a relationship breakdown or perhaps a family member has passed away and you just want to get rid of the property quickly and with minimal hassle. In these instances a traditional estate agent isn’t the best route and finding a fast house sale company online becomes a much more attractive option.

Get a cash offer for your house today!

Here We Buy Any House explore three methods with which you can sell your home fast;

  • A direct purchase
  • An assisted sale
  • Sourcing a buyer

We also offer some actionable house selling tips detailing what you can do to speed up the sale and show the various ways to sell quickly, their benefits, and their cons.

How can I sell my house quickly?

A direct purchase

The first port of call for many is to visit a fast house sale company online like We Buy Any House. They act as immediate cash buyers and can save you the hassle of an agency and legal fees. Be wary though, there are scammers operating within the fast house sale market. To ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company like We Buy Any House, view their reviews and check that they’re a member of the Property Ombudsman.

Pros: There are many advantages to using a company like ourselves. We can help you sell your property in as little as 14 days and take all the hassle and stress of a sale away from you allowing you to concentrate on doing the things you love.

Cons: If you’re looking to sell quickly there is a compromise, and that’s the price. The offer you’ll receive will be less than market value due to the speed of the sale. The amount achievable depends on a number of different factors including the market at the time, the area the property is being sold in, and its condition.

An assisted sale

The assisted sale method isn’t as fast as the immediate offer but ensures a better price for your property. At We Buy Any House we are connected to a number of investors who are financially vetted, completely chain free, and can help sell the property much quicker than it would on the traditional market.

Pros: While not as fast as the direct purchase option it’s still a quick sale and can mean more money for your house.

Cons: It’s a slightly slower option but if you don’t need the property turned around in 2 weeks it can be the best way to sell your house fast.

Source a buyer

Another popular method of a quick house sale is to source a buyer for the property yourself. The speed in which you’re able to sell all depends on how quickly you can find those potential buyers. We advise asking around friends and family or perhaps discussing your desire to sell with neighbours.

Pros: If you can line a buyer up quickly this is a great route for selling your property. It has the potential to be the fastest route.

Cons: If you can’t line a buyer up this process can become quite stressful. Everything will be on you to ensure it gets sold.

Tips for selling your house

Whichever method you choose it’s important that your house looks the best it can to help ensure a quick sale. Here we’ve listed everything you can do to the property to help get a sale quick.

  • Distance yourself – Try and move out of the mindset of ‘this is my house’ and consider what prospective buyers see. What would you think if you were viewing the property for the very first time? Remove personal items and try to create a blank canvas on which viewers can project what it’d be like for them to live there.
  • Clean clutter – Get to work clearing out any clutter that’s been building up since you moved in. Get rid of anything you aren’t taking to the new property and ensure each room is clean so that viewers can see its full potential.
  • Kurb appeal – First impressions count, especially so when you’re trying to sell a property. Make sure that the property looks as good as it can from out front. Mow the lawn, paint the fence – do whatever it takes to make your house shine from the outset.
  • Appliances & interior – Is there an old boiler? Does the kitchen look like it dates from the ’80s? All of these will affect the marketability of your property. Invest in updating all of your appliances and the interior to help give your property the best chance possible.
  • Time of year – Consider when you want to sell your property. Spring is regarded as the best time to sell thanks to longer daylight hours. There’s a great guide on when to sell here.
  • Find a trusted agency – If you are going to hire help to get your property sold quickly make sure you take the time to do plenty of research. A company with a lot of experience and lots of happy customers is more likely to be successful in selling your home fast than one without the experience.
  • Get the most out of viewings – It’s likely that you’ll have a lot of people come to view the property. Make the most of these opportunities by removing pets/noisy children, tidying thoroughly, and keeping parking free for the prospective buyer.

Selling your house online

Did you know that 95% of people looking to sell their house start the journey online? Online sellers are convenient and often significantly cheaper than local estate agents, making it the best way to sell a house for many.

How does selling your house online work?

The process of selling online isn’t too dissimilar to your traditional agent, but it comes without the usual legal fees allowing you to make some significant savings. The other advantage that many online house sellers peddle speed. They make promises of selling your house in as little as two weeks. While reputable companies can deliver on this promise, there are a lot of scam sites that don’t. To help make sure you steer clear of the scammers we’ve put together a guide on what to look out for.

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