06, June, 2023

Need to sell an inherited property?

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Can I sell an inherited property?
You have got lots of options. You can rent the property out, live in it yourself, or sell the house if you decide you don’t want to keep it.

Most people think that inheriting property is an easy process; a lottery-like reward with little to no hassle.

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In fact, that’s rarely the case. While at first, it may feel like a blessing, inheriting a property may actually throw up all sorts of issues that you hadn’t considered such as-

  • Do you want to live in it yourself, rent it out, or sell actually sell the property?
  • What are the tax implications involved?
  • Have you jointly inherited the property, and if so what do the other parties want to do with it?
  • Can you afford to keep the property after paying inheritance tax?

Putting any sentimental value aside, often the simplest answer is to sell. And with this decision, you can avoid the complications of letting it, joint ownership, or the prospect of any emotional stress of continuing to deal with a loved one’s property.

Are you ready to sell an inherited property quickly?

If you’ve reached the decision to sell quickly, We Buy Any House can help you. As one of the nation’s trusted home buyers, we can act quickly, and can buy your property in a timescale from seven days to eight weeks – or whatever suits you best. By using our service, you avoid the potential lengthy delays of selling through an estate agent.

It also means you don’t have to organise or host viewings, which is especially useful if you are located far away from the inherited property or don’t really have the time. We can negotiate a price for your property that you are happy with. Once that has been agreed we’re on hand to take the strain of the sale, handling everything, including the legal issues. If you still aren’t convinced, take a look at our success stories to see how we’ve helped other people in similar situations, and contact us today for a free offer.

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