06, June, 2023

Tips to stay calm and stress-free when moving house

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How can I reduce stress when moving house?
1. Be prepared
2. Start early
3. Enlist help
4. Measure ahead of moving
5. Make your new place your own

Feeling out of control when you’re moving is an incredibly familiar feeling that most homeowners will experience at some point during the process. We Buy Any House have come up with a few tips to stay calm and stress-free when moving house.

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What are the most stressful events?

According to a recent study, the top 5 most stressful events that we experience during life are –

Often, we find ourselves moving due to another one of these events, which only further increases the stress that is involved. Trying to find simple ways to dilute that stress can make a world of difference.

1. Be prepared

Depending on how long you’ve lived in the house that you’re moving out of, it can be hard to leave it behind, especially if it’s where you grew up. Giving yourself plenty of time to deal with the change that’s ahead. Try to spend time visiting the new area that you’re moving to so you can get used to it and start feeling at home there. Familiarise yourself with the surroundings so that when you move, it isn’t as much of a shock.

If you can, it’s worth booking time off both before and after your move. Giving yourself plenty of time to pack, move, and unpack is crucial to keeping your stress levels low. No-one likes rushing around, so make life easier for yourself with some flexibility.

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2. Start early

Giving yourself plenty of time to pack will make your move much less stressful. Moving house is a long process, so you should have plenty of time to play with, but do your best to manage it appropriately. Set yourself a timeframe, so you know that you’re staying on top of your packing – but make sure not to pack everything and leave yourself searching through boxes for the last few days!

Packing in an organised way as possible is also an excellent way to stay in control and keep calm. Label your boxes so when you’re moving you know which room each box needs to be in to make unpacking easier. Group things up as well, so you don’t have boxes full of assorted items – the more order you have while packing, the easier it will be to unpack it all in your new house.

3. Enlist help

Moving can be a lot of work, especially if you’ve got lots of furniture. Try and get friends and family involved to help – it’s much cheaper than hiring removal men. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help out if you offer them dinner as thanks!

4. Measure ahead

Make sure that you know what furniture is going where before moving day. You don’t want to get to the new house and find that you can’t fit your sofa in your living room. Do some measurements while you’re viewing the house first off, and take into account any large items that you have. It’s also a good idea to have a rough floorplan in mind, so you don’t have to spend too long rearranging the furniture when you move in.

5. Make it your own

Moving house is a new start, for whatever reason, it is that you’re moving. Take some time to look into decorating, get some inspiration online or from friends with colour schemes and home décor. You should make the place your own to make yourself as comfortable as possible and relieve any stress or emotion from the move.
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