06, June, 2023

How do I sell my house fast?

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How can I sell my house fast?
We have a quick process as a cash-buying company allowing us to buy your house in as little as three days.

Selling a house can be a long and difficult process, with the average house sale completing in around six months. Many homeowners cannot wait that long for their sale, whether it be because they have found their dream house that’s ready to buy now, or they’ve inherited the property and aren’t able to maintain it for six months until it sells. Thankfully, here at We Buy Any House, we specialise in buying houses in as little as three days, freeing you from the hassle of a long-winded sale.

“I need to sell my house fast!” – Get a cash offer for your house today!

How can you help me sell my house?

We are a house buying company with access to significant funding. Because of this, we buy houses in as little as seven days, with the funds entering your bank account in as little as five days. Our goal is to make your sale as quick and as easy as possible, avoiding the hassle of having your house on the market for months, and having to go through viewing after viewing with no sale in sight. We can adapt this to work to a timescale that suits you, allowing you to be in charge of your sale and knowing where you stand every step of the way.

Can I sell my house fast in the current lockdown?

Thankfully throughout the third lockdown, the property market has been able to stay open and run as close to normal as possible, allowing homeowners looking to sell to continue on their paths. However, there are delays that sellers are still facing due to the lockdown, and with the stamp duty extension offering homeowners incentives to sell before the end of September, a speedy sale is imperative. With We Buy Any House, you can achieve a sale in as little as 3 days, allowing a fast and hassle-free sale without the complications and delays of a traditional sale.

How quickly can I sell my house with you?

We are very flexible and work to your timeframe. If you need to sell immediately, we can go forward with your sale in as little as 3 days. If you’re looking for a longer timeframe, we can work with you to outline exactly what you need and how we can help you achieve that. If you have a timeframe in mind, get in touch with us today. You can talk to one of our senior property consultants, and they can go through with you how we work and how we can help you reach your goal when it suits you.

How do I sell my house to you?

Our process is simple for a reason – to keep it easy for you. We have adapted our process to make it entirely safe for both you and us throughout the pandemic, meaning that nothing is stopping you getting your house sold now. Especially with the current issues that we’re all facing, and the drastic drop of house value approaching, selling now lets you avoid the worst of the decline. No matter why you’re selling; facing the risk of repossession or wanting to downsize before your retirement and eager to get things moving quickly, we’re here. We provide free offers with the best price in reflection of the crisis that we’re currently in and will talk you through every step, so you know exactly what will happen. All you need to do is to get in contact with us, and we’ll do the rest. We even pay your legal fees and take care of as much of the paperwork as we can to keep things simple for you!

‘Can We Buy Any House help me sell my house?’ – Learn how we can help you today!

Most homeowners have either had a negative experience trying to sell a house or know someone who has. This could mean that you’re reluctant to sell if you’re worried about having similar issues of offers being withdrawn, or the chain breaking and your sale falling through. We work in a different way, meaning you don’t have to worry about these sorts of problems. We buy your house directly, meaning you don’t have to rely on someone else’s sale for your house to be bought. This gives us the freedom to buy your house fast, letting you move forward in your new home and not having to deal with the months of stress and difficulty that a traditional sale can bring you.

If you’ve recently been looking to sell your house, get in touch. We’re here to get you a free offer and let you know how quickly we can buy your house, freeing you from the property and allowing you to continue without the weight of it on your shoulders.

We buy any home in as little as 3 days, or timescales to suit you. Head to our website for more information.

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