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How can I help get my offer accepted?

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How can I help get my offer accepted?
There are several ways that you can appeal to your seller and help encourage them to choose you as their buyer. Some good ways to help get your offer accepted are –
1. To have a secure chain
2. Have your funds arranged
3. Make sure that you've done your research
4. Be the best buyer you can be
5. Be careful with your negotiations. 


Putting an offer in on a property is an incredibly exciting time and one that holds a huge amount of suspense for potential buyers. Currently, we’re facing a seller’s market, with more people looking to buy than there are properties out there, which puts buyers at a disadvantage. Because of this, potential buyers are having to find ways to up their game and make their offer stand out from the crowd. We Buy Any House have done some research to see what sellers look for in their buyers, and how you can give yourself the best chance of getting your offer accepted!

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1. Have a secure chain

If you have a house that you need to sell in order to purchase your next home, secure your buyer before you put in an offer for your dream property. Sellers are much more inclined to go with a buyer who already has their sale lined up, as they don’t want to wait around until this is done. If you’re a first-time buyer, or not having to rely on selling a house to buy theirs, even better! A buyer with no chain is the most attractive to any seller, but it’s much rarer. Being able to shorten the process will make any seller keen to work with you, but be wary. If your chain breaks, your seller may be inclined to look elsewhere. Buying a house is a complicated process with lots of risks like this, so being aware of them will lessen the blow if you do have any issues throughout.

2. Have your funds arranged

Some buyers are able to buy outright, but generally, most buyers need a mortgage in place to be able to buy a house. Before you put in an offer, make sure that if you need a mortgage to buy you have enquired with a mortgage lender, found out what you can be approved to borrow and have a Mortgage in Principle in place. This is essentially an outline from your mortgage lender saying how much they’re willing to lend you, so you can start to look at houses in that price range. Your seller will want to see this proof to know that you’re serious about buying their house and save themselves any hassle if you aren’t able to get your mortgage application approved.

3. Make sure that you’ve done your research

You want to ensure that your seller chooses you, but you also want to be confident that you’re not going to mess them around. Only put in offers on houses you’re fully invested in buying, and that you’re in a position to complete on. Buyers can often act fast to avoid missing out on a property, but then down the line find an issue with the house that means they second guess their decision. Find out why your seller is moving and how long they’ve been in the property before you put in your offer to avoid delaying your buying process with the wrong house.

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4. Be the best buyer you can be

Make sure you’re as open and cooperative as you can be with your seller. If they need any paperwork from you, get it back to them promptly and in full. No-one wants to have to chase, so making communication easy for your seller and their estate agent will put you in the best light. Along with this, make sure that you’re as polite as possible and don’t take out any frustrations with your seller. You’ll likely hit a few snags when you’re buying a house, but you don’t want to give your seller any reason to be put off you. Building a good relationship with your seller is really important, and can also be helpful when it comes to negotiating.

5. Be careful with your negotiations

A natural step in buying a house is the negotiation stage, where you can discuss with your seller a price that you’re both happy with. Some buyers take this negotiation stage as an opportunity to try and lower their price as much as possible. While this is tempting, you should always be aware that your seller can refuse any offer you put forward. Especially if they have other buyers that are interested in the property, they may decide to walk away from you if you’re proving to be difficult in reaching a price with them.

Building a good relationship with your potential seller is a really important part of buying a house, as it will make the process much easier and lessen the stress too. Being on good terms with your seller will often make negotiations smoother, and they may feel more inclined to give you helpful information about the house and local area too. Most importantly, it will set you above other potential buyers and help you achieve completion on the house that you want. Taking time to ensure you are a good buyer will make your life easier and get you closer to achieving your purchase – but sometimes, even being the perfect buyer doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed that house. Other buyers may be able to put in much higher offers which you have no control over, and this is just a part of buying property. Take the steps you can to create a good business relationship with your potential seller, and you’ll increase your chances of having an offer accepted.

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