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How can I increase my house value?

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How can I increase my house value?  
1. Add a bedroom
2. Deal with any structural issues
3. Design an office space
4. Make the most of the garden
5. Renovate the bathroom
6. Redecorate

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If you’ve been looking to increase your property value but aren’t sure where to begin, We Buy Any House are here to help. Whether you want to raise your value to sell or simply to develop your property for the future, there are plenty of options you can consider.

1. Add a bedroom

If you’re looking to significantly add value to your property, increasing the number of bedrooms you’ve got is the best way to do so. There are a few ways that you can add a bedroom –

  • Extending the house to add more space to build a bedroom
  • Convert a garage or conservatory
  • Split a big room to make two smaller ones.

If you’re thinking about adding another bedroom to increase your property value, there are a few things that you should take into consideration. Splitting a room into two can be a cheaper way to approach the renovation, but if you’re not careful it can result in your value actually lowering. Make sure that the two rooms will meet the regulated size for bedrooms, and consider what would benefit your house more, two smaller bedrooms, or one large one? If your house isn’t particularly suitable for a family, for example, two small rooms may not be as popular as a larger one.

2. Deal with any structural issues

One of the most serious issues that will decrease a houses’ value is subsidence, damp, or Japanese knotweed. If your property suffers with these, your value will drop steeply as when you sell your buyer will have to factor in the cost of repair – as well as this, some houses with severe cases of subsidence or damp can be unmortgageable. We’ve got articles that go into more detail about these here:

Repairing these issues are not a cheap fix, which is why it lowers your value so much when you sell, but if you’re in a position to deal with them it will significantly increase your property value, allowing you to sell for a much higher price.

3. Design an office space

Since the start of the pandemic last year, working from home has become the norm for millions of people and is likely to be the case for the foreseeable. Because of this, properties with space to work from home in are becoming more and more valuable, with it being regularly searched for on Rightmove and is a must for many buyers.

There are a few ways you can market your house with a home office, but the most popular is by using a spare room and dedicate it to a working space. Using a small bedroom is the easiest way to do this. Some homeowners are wary of transforming a bedroom into an office space at the risk of losing a valuable bedroom, but you can clarify that the room can act as either, making it appeal to a wider market of buyers and helping you achieve a quick house sale. We’ve got a helpful article, how can I create the best home office? here.

4. Make the most of the garden

Gardens have always been a popular choice when buying a house, but in the past year they have become even more in demand. Outside areas are incredibly versatile and no matter what space you’ve got, you can make the most of it to help increase your property value.

Some houses have grassy areas, and the best way to make this more desirable is to maintain it well, keep it trimmed and healthy, and add extra features, such as flowerbeds, vegetable patches or a greenhouse. A shed will also help to increase value as it provides extra storage.

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If you have more of a courtyard, creating a seating area will make it more attractive. Throughout the last year, some homeowners have started to make their own bars in these spaces, which will help to increase your value and encourage potential viewers to put in an offer.

5. Renovate the bathroom

Redoing a bathroom in your house can make a huge difference when helping you increase your property value. A full renovation will achieve the biggest increase, but you can work to the budget you have and still see your value go up. When looking to redo your bathroom, it’s best to try and have both a bath and shower, whether you choose to have them separate or a shower over the bath, as this will mean you can appeal to all viewers as most people will have a preference. White suites are preferable as they will match any colour scheme, and are timeless compared to peach, pink, or avocado green suites that were big in the 80’s but are no longer particularly desirable.

Another great choice if you’re not in a position to fully update a bathroom is to focus on some key points to make a big difference when you walk in. Updating old-fashioned tiles is a good option and can help make the room look more spacious if you choose very large tiles opposed to the smaller ones often seen in bathrooms. Adding extra storage is also a great idea, whether you box in the sink to provide cupboards underneath or look at floating cabinets – storage is really desirable and will also help keep the bathroom well organised which will appeal to any buyer.

A very small change that can make all the difference is introducing plants into the bathroom. These provide beauty, colour, and also have air-cleansing properties which will make any potential viewer keen to see more!

6. Redecorate throughout

Before you sell a house, almost everyone will suggest that you redecorate first. The great thing about looking to decorate when selling is that you can make it work for any budget, and it will nearly always help you sell faster.

If you’re wanting to save on costs, our article how can I redecorate my house on a budget? will give you plenty of top tips that you can use. While these sorts of decorations won’t particularly affect your value, it will encourage your viewers to place an offer and will often result in them putting in a slightly higher one than they would have done beforehand. When renovating your bathroom, click vinyl flooring is ideal.

For those who have a bigger budget and are looking to make some big changes to sell, you should always make a plan and outline your spending. The key is to make sure that you’re not paying more than you will increase your value by, so you can benefit when you achieve your sale!

Some homeowners aren’t in a position to decorate, and don’t have the funds, time, or the interest to increase their value. Instead, they’re looking to sell a house fast. For those, we’re here to help. We Buy Any House can buy your house in as little as 7 days, leaving you free of the stresses that come with redecorating and allowing you to move on and start fresh elsewhere! Get in contact today for your free cash offer!

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